3 Reasons why being Born a Good Test Taker is a Myth

3 Reasons why being Born a Good Test Taker is a Myth

Although some may think that people are either born a good test taker or not, this is totally untrue. It may be easier to think this as a way to explain why you or someone you know have not succeeded on standardized tests or any tests for that matter. The truth is anyone can succeed.  Here are three reasons why.

1.    No one is born a good test taker. Contrary to popular belief, no one is innately born a good test taker. Each person learns skills and strategies that help them in testing environments. Some people may handle testing conditions differently, but like with any other skill, practice, discipline, and persistence can be developed to do well on a standardized test like the SAT.

2.     Anyone can get acclimated to a test especially a standardized test that is modeled with the same type of pattern and with the same types of questions. When you study and learn how a test is put together, you can learn how to master the test. Of course the questions will be different for each test, but the types of questions and the content tested will be the same.  This is why we recommend students begin preparing for the SAT and ACT at least by the second semester of their sophomore year. This will give you enough time to get adapted to the content and format of each test.

3.     You must do something to get a change. Many students will take the SAT or ACT and not be satisfied with their results. They then decide to take it again in a few months without having practiced any new strategies or even reviewed why they did not do well on the first sitting of the test. It is highly unlikely that a huge change if any will occur. Students should thoroughly examine the score reports given for each test and discover why they did not

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